Setting Goals

Winning With Money places a high importance on Setting Goals in you life. It is nearly impossible to win with money if you fail to set basic goals with your money and in your life.

An excerpt from Winning With Money:

Goal setting needs to be simple, realistic and fun. It also needs to be tactical in nature. Most people that do set goals donʼt tactically plan on how to achieve them. It is important to strategically set the goal. You then need to outline a plan of what you are going to do – the steps you are going to take(the tactical part) to achieve that goal.

Here is a simple form to help you think through the goals you want to set:


Goal #1: Vacation to California

Steps taken to accomplish this goal:

  1. Want to go in July
  2. Save $1,500 for the trip
  3. Cut back on going to out eat the first six month this year to pay for the trip
  4. Research affordable discounts and hotels online

Your Goal #1: _____________________________________
What are the steps YOU will take to accomplish this goal:


Remember - HAVE FUN WITH THIS. Goal setting should be your time to dream and challenge yourself - your family. Pick up a copy of Winning With Money and review the great reasons for setting goals in your life!