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Reading books, taking classes, and reading blogs can all help provide much needed insight into shaping one’s financial picture.  But sometimes, it helps to sit down with a trusted advisor and get specific answers for YOUR situation.   The hardest part is knowing where to start.

There are many “investment advisors” in the market today, but very few “cash advisors.”   Aaron provides personal consultation to both individuals and couples dealing with issues around spending and budgeting.  Aaron’s approach is simple: It all starts with understanding who you are and creating a plan around your particular situation.

In these sessions, Aaron works with his clients to uncover the following:

  1. Identify existing spending habits
  2. Assess areas for improvement
  3. Discuss goals and objectives, both long term and short term
  4. Create a plan that meets client goals and objectives

To schedule some time with Aaron, please email him at We will work with you in person or on the phone. Base rate is $150 per hour. Flexible in certain circumstances.

“Thank you SO much for meeting with us. Meeting with you did exactly what I was hoping for. It got the conversations started that we needed to have. I can’t wait to become more responsible with money and work toward our family goals! Thanks for your help!”

Sarah F.

Contact Winning With Money today about our consulting services.

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