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Why Budget and Save? Football of Course.

Posted by Aaron Coleman
Oct 23, 2013

I attended a college football game in my hometown this past Saturday.  It was a brilliant day.  Warmer than average temperatures, bright blue skies, fall colors, no wind – just a perfect day in the Intermountain West.  

Upon entering the stadium, we took our seats in our designated section.  We were sitting in a handicap accessible area to accommodate the party I was with.  Upon sitting down and getting ready for the opening kickoff between Boise State and Nevada, an older gentleman took his place next me on a folding chair and situated his mother next to him and his wife.  She was quite elderly, in a wheelchair, but very much alert and excited about the game.  

As the game went on, I noticed the elderly lady next to me clapping and having as good a time as anyone there.  At a certain point, the gentleman next to me leaned over and said: “My mother flew in from Minnesota just to see this game.  She turns 90 this week.  She’s having the best time of her life!”  He was chuckling and obviously very happy he was able to orchestrate such a fantastic evening for his mother.  It was inspiring to witness. 

It made me think.  Will I be in a position to someday do this for my parents?  For my kids?  For my friends? 

Some people think that setting a budget and saving money is restrictive and restraining.  And I suppose that it can be if done under those pretenses.  But it doesn’t have to be.  There are ways to budget, save AND live the life you are intended to live.  And most importantly, by establishing a budget and committing to saving regularly, you ensure that you have options both now and later in your life.  

It’s the options that make life fun.  When you have options, you are able to live with freedom and flexibility.  You are also able to help others in ways that can have lasting impacts.   There’s nothing restrictive or restraining about that. 

As you wrestle with establishing a budget and a savings plan, remember to find a solution that works for you.  Find trusted advisors and set awesome goals.  If your current track is not working, CHANGE IT UP.  There are countless budgeting options and methods available.  One of them will certainly work for you.  There are also lots of great advisors that are willing to help you accomplish your goals.  It might take some work to find the right one, but you can.  

Good luck in creating options in your life.  And here’s to hoping that we get to attend a football game when we’re 90!     

Aaron Coleman

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