Budget Hater

Black Friday - Red January

Posted by Aaron Coleman
Nov 27, 2013
For budget guys like me, Black Friday poses a unique set of thoughts.  On one hand, Black Friday represents the best of American Capitalism: The opportunity to shop and spend money on the best deals of the year.  Stores compete against each other trying to one up the latest offer, all in hopes of luring you into their store.   And in the process, you get outstanding deals. 

Saving For Future Healthcare Costs

Posted by Aaron Coleman
Nov 08, 2013
In many of the recent classes I have taught, people asked a common question: How do we save for healthcare costs in retirement?   Read More...

Yep. I Did That!

Posted by Aaron Coleman
Nov 05, 2013

In a recent post, Pound It Out, I wrote about a project that I had delayed for months because I thought it was going to be too time consuming.  As the story unfolds, it only took about 4 hours…  I have had a load of feedback from that blog and would like to expand on it.   Read More...

Why Budget and Save? Football of Course.

Posted by Aaron Coleman
Oct 23, 2013

I attended a college football game in my hometown this past Saturday.  It was a brilliant day.  Warmer than average temperatures, bright blue skies, fall colors, no wind – just a perfect day in the Intermountain West.   Read More...

Pound It Out

Posted by Aaron Coleman
Sep 19, 2013

I recently undertook a long overdue project in my backyard.  It was time to remove the sandbox I had built for my young kids to play in.  It was a great sandbox that attracted neighborhood kids and their parents to come over and play.  My kids loved it and would spend hours each day playing in the box.  I built it with seat benches, crystal white sand and a cover to keep it dry from rain and irrigation. Read More...